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What We Do

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Housing & Community Solutions, Inc. (HCSI) is community and economic development not-for-profit based in the City of St. Louis. We have a history of doing affordable housing development and as of 2006, we expanded our mission to include community and economic development. We are a:


HCSI acts as a catalytic organization through its culture changing projects. It sees community needs and brings people to the table to address those needs. 


Collaboration is at the core of HCSI. Why reinvent the wheel, duplicate services or work in silos? We collaborate on all projects to maximize our capacity to positively impact the community.

Champion and Implementor

HCSI acts as a champion, project manager, educator, communicator and facilitator to implement culture changing projects in the community.  We are a tenacious organization that brings key players to the table to move St. Louis forward.

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