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Current Projects

Current Projects

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Sustainable Communities Building Blocks Program: St. Louis 26th Ward Walkability Workshop

As result of Housing & Community Solutions' efforts in collaboration with Alderman Frank Williamson, the 26th Ward has received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) award from the Office of Sustainable Communities to host a Walkability Audit/Workshop on Tuesday, May 24th. The 26th Ward was selected as 1 of 32 communities out of 354 applications nationally to receive such an award and the only community chosen in Missouri. The Walkability Workshop and walking tour brings residents, with a passion for their neighborhood together with community groups, businesses, transportation agencies, health and safety groups, planners and others to explore their vision and ideas for what makes a healthy, safe, livable and walkable community. Dan Burden, who Time Magazine (2001) called “one of the six most important civic innovators in the world” for his work in walkability and bikability, will lead youth and senior residents and community leaders on  walking tours of some key streets and areas in the ward. Burden is part of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute (WALC) and will be providing the community with a written report summarizing findings from the workshop.  Dan is experienced in conducting over 3,000 walkability audits acorss North America.

Our role: We hope that this event will be a catalyst to build on existing community efforts and spark new collaborations to help create meaningful change in the neighborhood and improve health, safety, walkability and economic vibrancy of the 26th Ward. We will bring together residents, government, and leaders in sustainable communities to promote livability and walkability in the 26th Ward.


St. Louis Social Compact DrillDown

(Convened by the St. Louis Federal Reserve and Congressman Lacy Clay.)

Purpose:  To provide better demographic data for underserved communities in St. Louis City and County in order to attract much needed local development and investment in these areas. This is part of a larger vision to help eliminate food deserts, improve community health through better access to nutritious foods and services, and increase the number of reputable financial institutions in the community. HCSI is working on efforts to increase food security and address predatory lending.  

Our role:   Co-Chair, manager, facilitator, building capacity of local non-profits, and helping to ensure that the community can use and access the data.   

Social Compact is a national non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. that works with cities, investors, foundations and community groups to break down barriers to investment in underserved urban areas.

The purpose of the St. Louis Social Compact DrillDown is to:

...provide a set of dependable business-oriented and housing data that highlights   market strengths and opportunities of the (St. Louis) City and County’s underserved neighborhoods, informing a revitalization strategy for strategic commercial corridors in proposed areas of study… . (and to) Create a baseline of accurate market and housing data for the City and County that can be used to track neighborhood change and demographic shifts.... 

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